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Delicious Flavorful Foods from Southeast Asia Sun, 18 Nov 2007 07:54:44 +0000 en Jurong Bird Park Got a large-ish update for today. This set is from November 9th. Siti and I went to Singapore's Jurong Bird Park and saw more birds than I have ever seen in my life. We met up at the crosswalk by my house, then went and got some Tom Yam seafood ... Arriving home soon… Well, I was not really able to update this thing as much as I wanted to, but I will finish it on the extremely long plane ride home, as it is 12 hours of nothing. I should have everything updated by Saturday night with about a week's worth of updates. Sorry ... Deepavali, the Indian New Year on my Birthday! Here is a video of what Deepavali is like on the streets of Little India at midnight. It was so packed with people I could barely move! Deepavali Celebration in Little India (1:24 Minutes, 29 MB) Birthday Celebration This next set is from November 8th, my 24th birthday! Coincidentally, this day was also Deepavali, the Indian New Year. It felt like everyone was celebrating for me. I'd have to say it was one of the best I've had yet. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to charge my camera, ... Singapore Cell Phone Thought I'd post a pic of my cell phone I got when I was in Singapore. Too bad it doesn't work in Japan because they have no prepaid SIM cards here. Grrr. This phone is 2 years old. It's unlocked, super thin, great battery life, BlueTooth, MP3 Player, TWO 2MP Cameras ... November 7th after Carousel Felt like posting a few more pictures from after we were done eating at Carousel. We ended up going to Khalid's school for a while. I snapped a picture from the bathroom because I thought it was funny, and hung out on the steps for a few hours. We had ... Carousel, Singapore’s Best Buffet… This set of snaps is from November 7th. Siti, Khalid and I all went to Carousel for lunch, which is a huge buffet restaurant that serves any kind of fod imaginable. I will try to document everything as best as I can! We sat down and the first thing I noticed ... Hello Everyone First off, I am very sorry for not updating. I have been kinda busy since I landed in Japan and it takes a long time to do updates here. HOWEVER, I will be adding more of my videos/pictures up tomorrow. I will wake up early and just make one huge ... Still breathing! Just a quick update to all: Yes I'm still around, but Internet access has been spotty here in Singapore at my hotel. I go to Japan in about 24 hours or less, so I can get online MUCH more regularly there. I'll start updating every day again once I arrive. I got ... Shopping, Food, Graffiti and Lizards… Shopping and food seem to be becoming constant themes around here! These pictures are all from November 6th. I woke up and met Siti and her boyfriend and we went to the food center down the street from my hotel. We had some delicious drinks called Teh Tarik which is ...